Lematta Value

Lematta Value


my name is matta diego ndunga born and grow in cameroun (central africa) . for many years , I have workıng into fashion sector and given the great chasm, existing between big brand products and average brand products in terms of quality and price , me and friends decided to creat a universal brand that belong to the whole world not only to one country or continent.
given the inequalities that surround us, we decided to make our own contribution for the improvement of a better world.

hence in 2017 we starting by created and choosing the name(LEMATTA) which reflects the images of our convictions. which ; means in our  martennelle language : (success ).

and we think that ,everyone deserves better clothes and especially with a good quality.
hence the choice to start in the fashion sector, with the creation of the lematta brand, therefore, the first goal is: more quality, and haute couture, and all this will be done at reasonable prices for universal satisfaction.

Alone We Couldn't, But Together All We Can Make İt Happen.

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